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Hualuxe Yangjiang City Centre

Hualuxe Yangjiang City Centre is InterContinental Hotels Group’s new high-end, 5-star hotel brand, with world-renowned management system as the basis of excellence. We are dedicated to providing you luxurious yet close-to-nature surroundings and attentive considerate service in our new definition of Chinese hospitality. Hualuxe Yangjiang City Centre has a variety of international quality dining options. From the delicate dishes from FULIN Chinese restaurant, a perfect mix of western and Chinese food in Xianyan All Day Dining Restaurant, the Japanese, Korean or Thai flavor offered in our specialty restaurant TAI&KO Asian specialty restaurant, to our signature late-night supper noodle bar, there are tastes catered to every need, bringing you a privileged dining experience. Hualuxe Yangjiang City Centre understands the need for Chinese business entertainment, from the casual conversations in HUALUXE tea house, private dining at HUALUXE Gathering, to the rejuvenating activities at the AQHUA. 1100 sqm grand luxurious ballroom and serious comprehensive meeting facilities are the best in town venues for both conferences and weddings.Hualuxe Yangjiang City Centre is ideally located on Yuanyang lakeside, close to Yangjiang government and Darunfa shopping center, 260 km from Guangzhou airport. Hualuxe Yangjiang City Centre limousines are readily available at your service. HUALUXE Yangjiang City Center is your top choice for high-end business entertainment, family reunion and friends’ gatherings in Yangjiang.